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Doodle Jump PC - Perfect Windows PC version of the original Doodle Jump

Upgraded but game now not working? Click here to download the old version.

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Doodle Jump for the PC!

Latest Version: v1.0.9.5

Games Played:  

Downloads: 450,000+

Average Players Daily: ~30,000

Draken Development has sucessfully brought you a perfect port of the popular iPhone game, Doodle Jump!

This game was created in mind to perfectly replicate the original iPhone version, but for those that wish to play on their PC.

Doodle Jump for the PC by Draken Development is the most advanced clone of Doodle Jump available on PC.
A huge ammount of detail has gone into making this game as identical to the original game avialable on the iPhone.
This includes levels directly extracted from the iPhone game, advanced physics engine, all the same game stats, identical scoring system including online score boards, and also themes identical to Doodle Jump on the iPhone.

You can download this completely free!

Also, keep this site bookmarked as updates are sure to happen.

Download Doodle Jump PC
All Doodle Jump PC Characters

Doodle Jump PC Features:

  • Levels Directly Extracted from the Original Game
  • Proper Physics just like the original
  • Original Gameplay Feel
  • Themes
  • Identical Menu System
  • All the same game stats
  • Identical Scoring System
  • Online Scoring System

"Hello, I just want to say WOW!
This version of Doodle Jump you made for the PC is identical the the Doodle Jump on the iPhone! Thanks man! this is awesome!"
"Hi, first I want to thank you for making Doodlejump PC. I've been looking for a great PC version for some time now. Then I found this version of Doodle Jump for my computer. All the other Doodle Jump PC games were useless, but this is incredible! Still amazing Doodle Jump version :D Keep up the good work."
"I'd like to say THANK YOU! Looks like you have put so much effort into making Doodle Jump for the PC! It looks spectacular!"